How It Works



how it works
  • Schedule 1st Session
    You can schedule by filling out our online form, calling, texting or simply messaging us through one of our social media platforms.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
    This is to ensure that the EMS bodysuit fits you properly to get the most out of your workout.
  • Don’t worry about the gym outfit
    We provide everything you need from head to toe in a full range of sizes. No need to drag your own workout clothes or gear, we have you covered. Our EMS Fitness Body undergarment will be waiting for you in our changing rooms.
  • Hydration 
    Please ensure that you are hydrated before the workout. We also provide you with water during your visit.
  • Food
    Good nutrition fuels a successful workout; however, please make sure you’ve had your last meal at least two hours prior to your appointment.

On your first arrival to our studio our trained staff member will take you through all the steps of your visit. Firstly, our trainer will chat about your activities, fitness and food habits and anything that you would like to share that is necessary to help you with your fitness goals. You will then be given a state of the art 3D body assessment scan that is included in our free session and recommended quarterly thereafter. After that, you will be fitted in to our EMS bodysuit and be ready for our 20 minutes workout.


how it works

Our trainer will sit down with you to analyze all the information that was gathered during your visit to understand your body and your fitness goals. You will be offered the best EMS Fitness Body program that fits your needs and also you will receive one drink of choice from our Fuel Bar.

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4 Week EMS Body Health Check

Personal Health Check and BMI
Time saving and highly effective EMS training
Intensive personal coaching support and motivation

Result Chart Progress

weekly progress
% Less body fat
% Increase in muscle strength
% Increase in Muscle endurance