All – Inclusive Programs

Includes 1 fuel drink of choice with each session and quarterly body composition evaluation.

Balance Fitness

12 months
Member Favorite
Program that guarantees you the best results. Show us your commitment and our trainers will help you in your EMS Fitness Body journey.

Mission Possible

6 months
We do know that long term commitments can be difficult to make. This program will help you to identify benefits of the EMS Fitness Body workout and you will definitely be striving for more.


3 months
We understand that taking smaller steps with the EMS Fitness Body technology might be a first step in building trust. Trying this program can be a great focus on achieving smaller steps in fitness journey.

Fast Lean Fit

1 month
Are you on the go? Not sure what you can commit to? Are you concerned if this is the right tool for you to get you fit? Please, speak to our personal trainer to discover the EMS Fitness Body workout goals.

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Special Occasion – Packages

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Athlete Competition Training

Fit Squad
Are you preparing for a competition and you need extra boost of the energy and strength? Fit Squad gives you variety of different workouts. It won’t be boring; you don’t have to worry what you need to do. Our personal trainers will support you and give you all the guidance on your journey.

Special Occasion Training

Bridal Power
Let’s get you fit in this beautiful dress and tux. Start ahead of time a healthy diet and the EMS Fitness Body workout to make you look toned, energetic and sharp for your wedding day. Plan today your, at least, 12-month wedding fitness program.

Rehab and Recovery

Platinum Fitness
Getting motivated after any injury or life changing incidents can be very hard. This program is ideal for you if you need to get up on your feet and get back to shape. Our personal trainers will take time to understand your needs and help you to improve your overall lifestyle after rehabilitation and recovery time.

Seniors Physical Therapy

Silver Fitness
Exercising promotes healing of the body. Don’t let the age change your mood or keep you in the house just because you may have retired. Stay young and vigorous as long as you can with our EMS Fitness Body workout for seniors.

Beach Body

Overnight Sensations
Do you dream about the beach body? Are you going on vacation somewhere hot where all you wear is the swimsuit and want to show off like a Hollywood star? We got you. Join us for intensive workout sessions to get your body shaped up. Make sure you plan this ahead of time so we can make sure you are ready!

Saturday Night Fever

Dance Like A Star
This program is specifically designed for all the dancers – social and competitive. Getting strength and toning your body is necessary to enhance your ability to move with grace on the dance floor.